Friday Not-So-RandomTen–In the Name of the Sons

Sons 1 and 2 decided today was the day to share their iTunes with me and I now have 24 hours+ worth of music instead of 5.6. (Yes, I was lame. Hey, I don’t even know what an iTrip is!)

Here are the first ten songs in the shuffle using men’s names, or references to men’s roles, for a Friday afternoon and with thanks to my good sons, who try to keep their mother up-to-date.

1. Tommy’s Holiday Camp, The Who (Tommy)

2. Doctor Robert, The Beatles (Revolver)

3. Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard, Paul Simon (Negotiations and Love Songs)

4. Temporary Like Achilles, Bob Dylan (Blonde on Blonde)

5. The Lad With the Silver Button, Mark Mothersbaugh (Rushmore Soundtrack)

6. Man of Constant Sorrow (instrumental), O Brother, Where Art Thou

7. Edward Appleby (In Memoriam), Mark Mothersbaugh (Rushmore Soundtrack)

8. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy, Queen (Greatest Hits)

9. Jésus que ma joie demeure, Jacques Loussier (Play Bach No. 2)

10. Cousin Kevin, The Who (Tommy)

And a Bonus Track for you moms out there:

Send a Picture of Mother, Johnny Cash (From Folsom Prison)