Almost Home

We’re ensconced in the semi-palatial hotel safely nestled onto the campus of one of our nation’s officially martial colleges, in a room complete with HBO, Wireless high-speed Internet and a beautiful river view. For some odd reason, probably having to do with the time of year, the room here was *less* expensive than one at a Days Inn further along the way, so the splurge is not too, too egregious. (We are contemplating room service, though, which may put us over the top.)

Today’s drive was not bad at all once we cleared the Capitol Beltway. Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey all flew by; the only complication was the odd reworking of toll booths on the Garden State Parkway. I was expecting several 35 cent tolls, but instead there was one for 70 cents, one that was toll free, then finally a 35-center. This is very confusing for out-of-towners!

We called home and talked to Sons 1 and 2 just after lunchtime. They told me that #2 Son managed to cut himself on our new Cutco Chef’s Knife while cleaning up the lunch dishes yesterday. Apparently there was a fair amount of bleeding, but I couldn’t quite listen to the whole story. It was enough to know that a day had gone by and he hadn’t bled to death!! Those knives are a hazard; why did I buy them?

Pure Luck was out of the house when this happened, so #2 went in search of #1 for assistance and support. I’m told he didn’t do too much but stand by while #2 Son found the First Aid Kit and drew on the knowledge acquired in his First Aid class at school.

#1 Son may not be much of a nurse, but at least he’s not as bad as his father. In a famous family story, The Father of My Children was babysitting his sister when they were 16 and 9, respectively. She developed a fever; he took her temperature. After reading the thermometer, he exclaimed, “103 degrees! A fever this high will cause brain damage!!” Not the most reassuring comment…but she survived, and so has #2 Son.

In the morning we will be visiting my mother’s Best Childhood Friend in the Berkshires, then heading for home. Bloggers in Western Massachusetts, this is your chance for a meet-up! (Some people just can’t get enough of a good thing.)