Happy to Be Here

We had a wonderful day in Historic Billsburg yesterday. First we went to the Decorative Arts Museum with High School Friend/Sorority Sister and her daughter; the mothers had a chance to chat while the girls attended an educational program.

Lunch followed at Shoppe of Wondrous Sandwiches, a favorite hang-out when we were students at The College of Knowledge in Virginia, the alma mater we share with such luminaries as actors Glenn Close, Linda Lavin, Scott Glenn, Steven Culp and Dylan Baker (Yes, kids, that’s why I always shout out when I see him in movies; I remember him as one of the dancing gamblers in “Guys and Dolls.”); Presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and John Tyler; Astronaut David M. Brown, who died on the Shuttle Columbia; and probably most famously these days, Jon Stewart.

We paid a visit to the Olde Candye Store-e, place of first employment for both HSF/SS and yours truly.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed the hotel pool with Blond Brother’s wife and children. I was so happy to see the cousins playing together and enjoying each other so much that they were reluctant to part even for an hour when it was time to shower and dress for dinner.

Last night we got to see the house BB and family are building, enjoyed dinner at a College hangout, then spent the evening going through old boxes of pictures and things and dividing them. Meanwhile the girls played together enthusiastically, everything from Foozball in the basement to Charades in the bedroom to scootering around the historic down at dusk.

Crossing a green on our way back to the hotel, we saw a firefly, the first for the Princess. This time will pass as quickly as its brief night light, a swift and sweet memory-making journey.