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The regional Bernese Mountain Dog Club had a summer picnic in Maine on Sunday. It’s a fun day–no dog show or organized activities, just people and dogs having lunch and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. I’ve been in charge of the picnic for the past three years; it’s the most low-impact task imaginable!

Molly had an especially good time. She is the Perle Mesta of the club and loves to greet everyone. After three hours of signing people in, we finally got our turn to go down to the beach. Can you believe we call this pile of pebbles and stones a beach? (And can you tell I grew up on the white sand of Virginia Beach and Nags Head?)

Molly found a Berner mom tossing treats onto the water to encourage her dogs to swim. She tried to nose in and get treats just by looking pretty, but eventually she realized she had to “work” for cookies and waded out to pluck them off the surface of the water.

Sam also “worked” at the picnic, keeping an eye on The Princess and bringing her back toward me whether she needed it or not! It was hard to get a picture of him, because when he wasn’t herding The Princess, he was glued to my hip or sitting on my foot, his usual posts.

I love doing things with the dogs because at those times I really take off my Pastor hat and relax. Thanks be to God for pets and all they bring to our lives!