Children, Faith

Pleasant Day, Pretty Sky

We had a wonderful time in the Big Apple, despite the heat. I’ll write more about it later, but wanted to share this story before we head out to enjoy the beautiful afternoon.

On Wednesday, The Princess and I were walking up 8th Avenue to meet our group for dinner. It was about 5:20 p.m., and we were near the Port Authority, and the human traffic on the sidewalks was as hurried and risky as the vehicle traffic had been for the bus driver whose bus we had just left. On a corner, we passed a man preaching loudly, rolling on his feet to hold his place in the flood of humanity.

“Why does he do that, Mom?”

“I guess he feels God is calling him to do it.”

“To get the word out to people?”


There was a thoughtful pause as we continued walking.

“Mom, I think sometimes people just tell themselves God is calling them to do something, because it’s the thing they want to do.”

Now the thoughtful pause was mine.

“I think you may be right, sweetie. I think you may be right.”