In case you haven’t noticed the link in my sidebar, RevGalBlogPals (the Web Ring, that is) also has a blogger home page. There are a couple of threads going there in which we’re discussing some possible recipients for a charitable donation generated by sales of RGBG stuff at the CafePress store (linked there in the sidebar).

And to be clear, although there is an ecclesiastical bent to some of the merchandise, the WebRing is not exclusive to clergywomen, or clergy or women, for that matter. It’s for RevGals, yes, but also for their Blog Pals. reverendmother was the clever minx who got the store started, with help from Mr. reverendmother. She suggested that we raise the prices by $1 per item; that money will come back to us and be given to a charitable organization.

Reverend Mommy got us signed up for RingSurf and the blog page, and I am her co-administrator of the Ring and the Blog. Aren’t we techno-geeky? The best surprise has been finding bloggers I’ve never heard of before who want to join, and hearing their stories via their blogs.

I remember sitting down to blog for the first time and wondering who would ever read it, and how I would ever find a blog I wanted to read myself! I am grateful for a community that will respond whether I am writing about serious events in my past, an annoying drive on a hot day, or my quandary about hair color (I’ve decided to sleep on it.).

Bless you all!