Like a Good Neighbor

State Farm is There.

Down the road, that is.

And today was the day I had to pay part two of the 50/50 arrangement I have for the car insurance. I had been delaying after discovering that they hadn’t included the Good Student Discount for #1 Son, then found out they couldn’t make the discount retroactive. We sent off for his transcript for from Formerly Methodist Currently Hiptastic University, a very pretty sight for this mother’s eyes.

I must note that by the time I did well enough in school to merit a Good Student Discount, I was in theological school. And I was 33 years old.
We headed out to State Farm, the boys and I. For some reason, the employees were wearing leis. (Luau Friday? Hawaii Day?) The nice gal at the desk heard our story, perused the transcript, awarded the Good Student Discount, calculate the new rate, then subtracted from it my previous payment. The damage: $226.08.

I opened my wallet and pulled out my debit card.

She looked concerned.

“When you have a 50/50, the computer won’t accept anything on a credit card except the same amount you paid the first time.”

First of all, that’s ridiculous.
Second of all, that’s RIDICULOUS!!!

You mean it would be different if I wrote a check or paid cash?

“Yes.” She tried calling some higher power, and during the conversation complimented #1 Son’s academic achievements, but the answer was still RIDICULOUS.

You may wonder why I wasn’t simply writing a check. Well, I am out of checks. I suggested that I might go to the bank and come back, but I must admit I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of getting out of that awkwardly located parking lot, crossing the busy road to the shopping center under re-construction and then returning to the office.

But before I could say anything more, #1 Son said softly, “Mom, I have the cash.”


“I got paid last night for the last few days of tips.”

I watched as he counted out $226.

(I provided a dime and received two pennies in change.)