Harry Potter Update–updated!!

There are four of us in the house right now. #1 Son has gone to his summer job, and #2 Son has returned triumphantly from Jazz Camp after turning in a fabulous clarinet solo on “Bemsha Swing,” a piece by Thelonius Monk. Into his hands his brother has commended the boys’ copy of Harry Potter. The Princess is reading the girls’ copy. Pure Luck is finishing Order of the Phoenix.

I am the only one with no Harry Potter!!!!

It may sound unfair to local 301 of the Book-Buying Mothers Union, but in fact I spent a sleepless night and early-rising morning reading it before we left for Jazz Camp, and I am on page 329. (Speed-reading #1 Son got to page 411. He also slept, the stinker.)

So far, so good.

On the other hand, I am still on page 1 of my sermon.

That’s not so good.

I think I’ll take a little nap.

I finished the book around 8:30. If this suggests to you that no nap was taken and the sermon remains incomplete, you would be very intelligent and logical, and the Sorting Hat would place you in Ravenclaw, where I would never fit in with my impulsive behaviors…

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