A Harry Potter Plan

Friends, I know you will all be relieved to hear that we have a Harry Potter plan for this Five Reader Household.

A determination has been made that we will purchase two (2) copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This purchase will occur shortly after midnight tonight. #1 Son is taking my car to work bussing tables at Hideously Expensive Delicious Restaurant. After work, he will come home to pick me up and we will go together to an Independent Bookstore, where we will no doubt pay more than those buying Harry Potter at Amazon or Borders, but we will feel good about it. (Unless they run out of copies, in which case we will drive straight to Borders, all Gryffindorian nobility having been run out of town by Slytherin-like greedy selfishness.)

Copy #1 will be the Girls’ Copy. The Princess and I will take turns reading it, using our new bookmarks to mark our spots. We are women and will cooperate nicely, I feel sure. While she reads, I will sit patiently on the couch knitting her Gryffindor scarf. If not, the bathroom door has a lock and I will live in there until I finish reading it.

Copy #2 will be the Boys’ Copy. Since #2 Son is at Jazz Camp and won’t be home until late tomorrow afternoon, #1 Son gets first crack at it. When he goes to work, #2 Son gets it. Pure Luck is still reading Order of the Phoenix, so he’s in no great rush.

Doesn’t this sound better than four people arguing over who gets to read it first?