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A Few Friday Night Thoughts

1) I wonder if Rehnquist is hanging on because he can’t bear the thought of his replacement being named by Bush? Although I disagree with him in more areas than can easily be measured, he is a person of intellect and character. My family spent some time with his in the summer of 1979, when then-Justice Rehnquist and my father were on the faculty of the Salzburg Seminar together. He was gruff and cranky then, too, with a quirky sense of humor. I wasn’t the least bit surprised that he taunted the reporters last week by saying, when questioned about retirement rumors, “That’s for me to know and you to find out!” As to his ability to stick with work in the face of illness, the man has lived with incredible back pain for many, many years. The summer we were in Austria, he had to “walk” across the ocean, unable to sit down on the plane at all. He is a determined old cuss. I keep hearing people say he can’t last to the end of this administration; it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he did.

2) Could Jon Stewart be much funnier? If you haven’t been watching The Daily Show, make a point of tuning in soon. His education at my alma mater, the College of Knowledge in Virginia, is no doubt a factor in his brilliance. (I wonder if he attended more classes than I did? I played a lot of Bridge.)

3) Tomorrow I won’t be blogging incessantly. I’ll be travelling to a concert at Maine Jazz Camp, a terrific camp for young musicians. We’ve had one e-mail from #2 Son, who said he was having a great time. The Princess and I will be driving there with The Father of My Children. We do a lot of these family things together, but this will be by far the longest car trip I’ve taken with him since we divorced in 1997. It’s always a little odd to go somewhere with him.

4) It’s 10:01 p.m. Two hours until Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. If I have to pick up The Princess and TFoMC at 8 a.m., how late can I afford to stay up reading?

5) How lame is Haloscan? A prize will be awarded to the poster with the most vivid or satisfying description.