Visiting Notes

I spent most of today doing pastoral visits or making calls to arrange visits for next week. Highlights included:

*90-something year old lady whose 101-year-old sister I buried: Hello?
Songbird: Hello, Rosebud? It’s Rev. Songbird from Small Church in City By the Sea.
90-something: Well, you don’t ever need to bother calling me again!!!
Phone slams down hard.
Songbird: Wha?
(It turns out she has been getting tons of calls from groups, including churches, to which her sister used to give money. She actually thinks I’m great, according to her niece; she is hard-of-hearing and had no idea who she was talking to–I’m supposed to call back and say I’m the *minister,* because that seems to be the keyword. I think I’ll wait until Monday…)

*Charming 96-year-old man, who loves to talk about the history of Small Church and its people, asks me about Delightful 86-year-old man. I give him an update; then he asks, “Do you think he’s gay?”

*Ebullient 80ish woman, essentially confined to a wheelchair in her home due to complications of diabetes, opens a basket to show me the mittens she is making for the church fair. “I have a goal of two pairs a week,” she says. “I’m trying to make 50.”

*Positive Thinking 85-year-old gal, on the subject of her increasingly poor vision due to macular degeneration, which I say must be “frustrating”: “I just don’t let it get to me. I’m just like that! I don’t want to be, but I am!!”

Sometimes people tell me that former pastors didn’t visit much. All I can say is it was their loss.