Half a Meme is Better than None

Found at Waterfall’s place:

10 years ago: A tough summer: three week old baby who had rejected the breast after one bottle; 4-year-old who fractured his elbow the same day his sister was born, wearing a cast and refusing to go to day camp; 9-year-old performing in professional production of Peter Pan at theatre 25 miles from home; myself in the early phases of a severe postpartum depression, weeping each time I see the grown-up Wendy watching her daughter Jane fly away with Peter Pan; husband who, well, the less said about him the better.

5 years ago: It was exactly five years ago tonight that Pure Luck replied to my Yahoo personal; I was thinking I wouldn’t respond because he is 100 feet tall and I, well, I am not. But then he IM’ed me, and his e-mail had been so charming, and before I knew it we were meeting for dinner (at the same restaurant where we recently met for dinner with the Scribbler family).

1 year ago: I was even more worried about the church’s financial situation than I have been today, and that’s saying something.

Yesterday: Welcomed #2 Son and The Princess home from church camp. They both had a great time and can’t wait to go back next year. He asked if he could have her wrist band that says, “Jesus rocks.” When I asked why he wanted it, he said, “Because Jesus rocks.”

Today: Preached a pretty bang-up sermon, then worried all afternoon about the Stewardship planning meeting tonight—needlessly, as it turns out, since the meeting went beautifully. If you had told me a year ago (see above) that 11 people would show up on a July night to work on Stewardship, and that they would take on tasks related to mounting an actual campaign, and that they would be willing to invite people to their homes for brunch or dinner to talk about the church’s future and how to make it happen, I would never have believed it.

Tomorrow: Bernese Mountain Dog Molly and I are going to the local psychiatric hospital to interview for a (volunteer) therapy dog position.

I never finished the part with the various things in fives….maybe tomorrow.
Friday Mom, want to do this one? You were looking for writing topics.