Bride Girl in the Rain, La la la la la

Soon I will leave the house to officiate at a wedding.
The wedding is being held by the water in a charming Town By the Sea.
It is being held on a lawn.
The lawn will still be holding all the rain that poured out of the sky overnight, as we receive the edge of Cindy.
There is a tent.
The tent is 30′ X 40′.
There are 150 guests.
And a woodwind trio.
I think I get to stand under the tent, since I have to be near the bride and groom.
Nothing in life, however, is certain.
Except that it will rain today. (Okay, also death and taxes.)
As a preventive measure, I will braid my hair and not let it get progressively bigger in any obvious way, especially since the bride told me this sort of cool, mizzly weather flattens her hair.
I’m just finishing a double mocha, but I think I’ll stop for more coffee on the way there.
Last night at the rehearsal, the bridesmaids’ teeth were chattering.
Also, after Thursday’s events in London I never could get excited about my sermon on the Parable of the Sower.
I’m planning to write a whole new service.
But first I have to do this wedding.
Did I mention that it’s almost an hour away from here?
I am looking forward to getting back into my car after the wedding.
My car has heated seats.
It will all be over soon, right?