A Fun Day

Despite the fact that it started off a bit poorly, this has been a fun day.

Perhaps I should explain that it was I who started off a bit poorly, and not the day itself, which was quite lovely. You see, when The Princess decided to spend the night of 4th of July with her cousins in Adorable Town by the River, Pure Luck and I ended up going out to dinner. And at dinner, I had a cocktail. This somewhat rare event was encouraged by Pure Luck, because he thinks I’m funny when I am mildly inebriated. (My children find me embarassing, but perhaps their standards are different.) And so I ordered some lemonade and Bacardi concoction.

Remind me never to drink rum, ever, ever again.

By the time we got home, I had a headache and a sore spot in my lower abdomen. (“Tastes like…burning.”) Instead of being charming and funny, I was miserable, and had to listen to the fireworks from my darkened bedroom instead of enjoying them live and in person.

This morning, I felt pretty much the same, only tired from a night of bad dreams.

And I had to be at a clergy breakfast at 8 a.m.


But, I told you it was a fun day, and I’m hear to tell you it was, just as soon as I drank three big mugs of coffee. I had a lovely breakfast with my colleagues, picked up The Princess (who had a cotton candy hangover of sorts after attending a carnvial in Adorable Town by the River), did some work and then a little pre-camp shopping, dropped off those pesky medical forms at the pediatrician’s office (where they told me they were faxing forms to the same camp for someone else today! Yay! More Worst. Mothers. Ever!!!), spent a few hours at church in the afternoon, happy in my little office while The Princess had a piano lesson then played in the Nursery School, and then–

oh, then, gentle readers, came the best part of this fun day. The Princess and I made bookmarks. This is all part of a scheme of Mindy’s. Today was the day to mail out bookmarks, and I had made up my mind to make them myself, or should I say “ourselves,” since I was counting on The Princess to help me. You see, she knows about ModPodge and Tacky Glue and has no fear of complex art supplies or glue guns. I, on the other hand, am known throughout the City By the Sea for my Glue-Gun-a-Phobia. But I had a vision, and my daughter knew what sort of materials might be needed to make the vision a reality, and we actually made the bookmarks.

They are in the mail. And making them, dare I say it, was fun!!!

Now we are going to watch Firefly, a sort of Westernish sci-fi show that we borrowed from Pure Luck’s best friend. I rather like it. It’s like Deadwood, but with spaceships and without the excessive profanity.

So, as I said, a fun day. How was yours?