Lovely Day

We’ve had a busy day. I spent the morning with #2 Son chasing down documents he needs for a work permit; he has been offered a job as kennel help at our vet’s office, where he has been volunteering for the past year or so. This meant visits to City Hall and the Social Security Administration, as well as back to the Vet for more information.

The Princess finished 4th grade at noon. We went to meet her and waited eagerly for the report card to be opened, not for the grades so much but really for the news about which class she will be in next year. (The news was good!)

Then we (all except #1 Son, who was working) all drove forty-five minutes to the beautiful town where Pure Luck grew up, to visit a clergy colleague with a Bernese Mountain Dog who has six week old puppies. The colleague tried to talk us into buying one, but we were really just there for the fluffy snuggles. And were they ever cute!

Tonight, the Princess will sleep at her dad’s house and the rest of us will go see “Batman Begins.”

Does it sound like I didn’t work today? That would be true.

Here’s a poem about this lovely day, written by the Princess:

Every day is just like this.

So you should know of such a bliss

that lies in each and every day

for every soul that is to say:

“Isn’t it a lovely day!”