Children, Poetry

To the Princess, Turning 10

Sweet little baby
With long thick hair,
You slept well at night,
Hardly napped,
Gave peace with your smile,
Brought light into darkness.

You pulled up to stand,
Put your paffy in my mouth,
Walked your first steps
After Daddy moved out.
You kept me taking steps,
Kept me taking care of you.

Doll-loving girly girl,
But not a sissy, not afraid
To climb trees
And tear knees
Out of corduroys.

Smallest child at Montessori,
Doing the “big white work”
Whisking soap flakes into bubbles,
Playing with the bears
And defying authority,
Napping with your head on your journal.
Keep clashing with the way things are,
Keep pulling down icons that make no sense.

Fierce protector of the outcast,
With your courageous heart
Your solemn looks and quick smiles,
I admire you
For speaking your mind,
Standing up to brothers, father
And me.

You are the Princess
and the Dragon,
sitting on the cache in your cave,
wandering through the treasure house.
Sorting out is hard,
Leaving things behind,
But that will come in time.

Tall and beautiful,
I see the woman you will be.
Keep loving
And learning
And growing,
Not just taller,
But deeper.