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Itchy and Splotchy

Our allergy story is pretty pitiful. For years our pediatrician refused to refer us to any specialists for anything, and since we had managed care, and I was a poor seminarian, we couldn’t afford to defy him. After years of being brushed off over a variety of concerns, I finally switched primary care doctors. It was hard to get in with anyone good in this area, but Pure Luck happened to use a Family Practice doctor, and she was generous enough to consider even my children to be his family and allow us all into her practice.

Phantom Scribbler suggested that #1 Son’s allergies must be really bad if he was willing to go through all this. They are. We knew he was allergic to pollen, and that his allergic rhinitis did not respond to such first-prescribed meds as Claritin and Flonase; he still sounds like he has a cold year-round. We also discovered that he is allergic to grass, ragweed, dust mites and, sadly, cats. Since we have three, that is a major source of irritation for him, and I am irritated that simply being refered to an allergist years ago might have spared him having the cats in the house! Now they are middle-aged cats, and we love them, and there’s no way to have them leave the family, and hopefully we won’t need to consider it with appropriate medical care for #1 Son.

One of the funny things about the last few days was seeing him on prednisone. He was ravenous, sleepless and cranky, all things I remember from the courses of prednisone prescribed several years ago when I had severe eczema. The pred also made him feel sick to his stomach. Blech. Now that the hives have abated, however, I think #1 Son believes the rush protocol was worth it!