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Today #1 Son returned to the allergist for a second day of allergy shots. He is undergoing a “rush” protocol, in an attempt to get him up to an effective level as soon as possible. There was a waiting period after each set of shots to be sure he wasn’t having an allergic reaction. To show that the potential for trouble was serious, one of the prescriptions we had to fill was for an Epi-pen. (Ack! Area Mother Freaks Out Over Epi-Pen Prescription!)

Yesterday all went smoothly. We read and chatted in between shots and went out to lunch at the charming Cafe Bon-Bon. Today, Pure Luck accompanied him, because crazy Mommy Songbird can’t stand the thought of the boy going alone when something could go wrong. And go wrong it did. At 11:30, they were dismissed for the day, but by 11:40, #1 Son’s face and ears were turning red and he was breaking out in hives. Back to the office they went for two shots of epinephrine.

Let me just say that it was probably a good thing for everyone concerned that this happened on the watch of the unflappable Pure Luck, since both I and The Father of My Children tend to have a nutty over medical crises. I was travelling to a meeting with a colleague when word of the allergic reaction came. He said, “It’s always important to have one parent stay calm. My kids always wanted me along when they broke something.”

I have the capacity to be strong when it’s needed. #1 Son had bite correction surgery two years ago. (You really don’t want a description of the procedure.) When he came back to the recovery room, TFoMC welled up with tears and had to go back to the waiting room. The Grandfather of My Children was no better. So there I stood beside the bed by myself, wiping his face and talking to him and “being brave.” Oy.

Tonight he is up on the air-conditioned third floor, feeling itchy and full of much prednisone and assorted anti-histamines. The little splotches have become one big red mess on his torso. Not much fun. But, on the bright side, no one had to stab him with the epi-pen!