Chuck Colson is on television talking about what a bad person Mark Felt was to leak information about Watergate to Bob Woodward.
Chuck Colson is on television saying that Mark Felt was dishonorable; he held a position of trust and betrayed it. Last night I heard Colson say it was shocking that Felt could believe the ends justified the means.
Yes, that was Chuck Colson.
Chuck Colson, have you ever looked in the mirror? Are you really any different than you were in 1972?
On the other hand, the news anchors are basically laughing at him. Last night, Aaron Brown on CNN had all he could do not to guffaw, and this morning Matt Lauer turned smiling to Katie Couric, who said, “All these people are looking at the story through their own prism.” Yes, a prism of his own criminal acts, in Colson’s case.
I was a young girl during Watergate, in seventh grade during the 1972 election. I lived in the Washington area, was part of a political family, read the Washington Post at the breakfast table. I remember a front page story in the Post suggesting my dad might become the Watergate Prosecutor (false, by the way). I was an adult before I knew that Daddy was mentioned on the tapes as a candidate the Republicans planned to defeat by falsely associating him with McGovern. (Weird now to think that was a major slander, but there you have it.)
Was it heroic to sneak around and leak information?
Well, maybe it wasn’t courageous in the sword-wielding sense. But it was the right thing to let the world know what Nixon and his cronies were doing.
Just remind me to change the channel next time Colson is on TV.

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