Girl Power

The Slumber Party

Last night the Little Princess had a slumber party. That is a misnomer, of course, since there was very little sleeping done by the attendees. I, on the other hand, fell into bed shortly after 10:30 p.m. and didn’t notice until 3:15 a.m. that the girls were still awake, despite the fact that they had been playing music and dancing in the room RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO MINE!!!

Perhaps the four hours of aerobic yard work and house-cleaning we did after church had something to do with it.

When I came downstairs early this morning, having closed the door on the three angelic fourth-grade girls sprawled in their sleeping bags across the floor of LP’s room, I discovered a sink that suggested a second trip to the freezer for more ice cream, sometime in the middle of the night. The LP told me later that she made “a milkshake in my mouth” by pouring in chocolate syrup, then spraying in whipped cream.

I feel a little sick about it. Bleh.

Her toenails and fingernails are now bright pink, because one of the friends is more skillful with nail polish at age 9 than I will ever be. They painted her nails carefully, having asked for a piece of newspaper to spread out on the (ridiculously expensive Pottery Barn) rug on LP’s floor. I’m not going to look closely at it again anytime soon, just in case.

The room took most of the cleaning effort. It is frightening the amount of, shall we say, detritus a young girl can collect. We took away more than a garbage bag full of paper cut-outs, ruined doll clothes, Polly Pocket vinyl accoutrements and I don’t know what else, along with quite a few empty Poland Spring water bottles. (And we didn’t even get started on the closet.)

God bless Sons 1 and 2 for helping.

By the time the friends arrived, the room was immaculate, and the Little Princess had enough time to groom all three of her American Girl Dolls (Felicity, Samantha and Nellie, for those who care), as well as her MyTwinn doll, and to arrange them on various doll beds and chairs to greet the friends. Apparently this was the activity to which they were all looking forward. Hurray! Despite the nail polish, they are still little girls!! The music they listened to included World Playground and the soundtrack to Lilo and Stitch! Hurray!!!

Soon it will be different. I know it’s true. But for now it’s just a Reddi-Whip milkshake in their mouths, thanks be to God.