I Gave it a Whirl

Here is profgrrrrl’s cereal meme, first noted at Phantom Scribbler’s.
It’s particularly appropriate as I sit angst-filled, counting down the minutes until the diagnostic mammogram scheduled as a follow-up to the CT Scan of several weeks ago.

When do you eat it? And how often?
Primarily for breakfast, virtually every day. Sometimes at supper time, especially when stressed out. And if very stressed out, any time I feel I need a fix. (This morning, for instance, about 11 a.m.)

What are your favorite cereals?
Hot: Oatmeal

Cold: Shredded Wheat, Frosted Mini-Wheats (this morning’s comfort food), Barbara’s Groovy Grahams (I don’t buy these too often, as the box doesn’t last long), Cheerios.

What kind will you not eat?
Nothing with chocolate.

What is the secret favorite that you don’t always admit?
Lucky Charms. I craved them when pregnant. But I have to admit that I now find them too sweet and can only eat them if they are cut with Cheerios!

What liquid do you pour on your cereal?
Skim milk. And, no, you didn’t see me adding a dollop of half-and-half. Really. You didn’t.

What do you put on top of your cereal?
If it’s an unsweetened cold cereal, a little maple syrup. Frosted Mini-Wheats and Shredded Wheat get cinnamon. Most get banana, if there are any left after the rest of the household has eaten.

Oatmeal gets a little butter, a little cinnamon, and a little maple syrup.

Do you prefer cereal or other foods for breakfast?
I adore cereal. Not that I don’t like cinnamon toast, too.

Do you have any cereal-related rituals or other oddities?
I think the half-and-half counts as a ritual, if not an oddity. I’m sure I do it because I grew up having whole milk on cereal (who didn’t in the 1960’s?), and cereal with milk is, well, mother’s milk to me. After all, that’s what they gave us Southern, formula-fed babies in 1961: evaporated milk with Karo Syrup and soon the addition of cereal to keep us sleeping through the night. No wonder I turn to cereal in times of stress!