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The Happy Hiker

A Happier Hiking Day
The Happy Hiker–this gleeful grin makes it all worthwhile.

This is Pure Luck on Saturday morning in Pine Grove, PA, ready to set out on Day 6 of his hike. He is grinning goofily in part because I asked him not to wear the orange hat in the picture (!), but also because he is so happy to be out in the woods. He’s decided to break his hike after the Presidentials and do the Maine section of the AT in September, so we will have him home a bit sooner than originally planned. Hooray!

Today he will be crossing the “zinc devastation” in Pennsylvania and soon will be in New Jersey. For more pictures, follow the link on his blog. I can’t make Hello work for him because I foolishly had them send his verification e-mail to an account for which I don’t have the password. Silly me. For now his pictures are on Ofoto/Kodak Easyshare.

I’m missing him, but getting the first set of pictures helped.