Four Things

The CT Scan Thing–
I was a mess going in, but the test itself was not so bad. Two sets of pictures were taken before they ever injected the radioactive dye, only ran it in during the third. The combination of a heated up bloodstream and holding one’s breath is, um, explosive, but it was over fairly quickly.
I think I heard about the first CT Scan within two days; I’ll probably get word about this one Monday or Tuesday.
It was so helpful to know you were all thinking of me/praying. Thank you so much! I must admit I am still quite anxious about the outcome.

The Distraction Thing–
Meanwhile, I’ve been finishing up financial aid forms for #1 Son. They actually managed to take my mind off the CT Scan for a while yesterday. Whoever thought financial aid forms and tax stuff could be a relief?

The Shoe Thing–
The Little Princess needed a new pair of shoes, or even two. She sings with a girls’ chorus and for their upcoming concert she needs a pair of black shoes. We’ve also had to admit that her sneakers have more holes than one would prefer. After school and scan, off we went to the local shoe store where we discovered–gasp!–she wears the same shoe size I do!!! (She’s almost 10.)
I picked myself up off the floor.
The sneakers were larger than mine.
I picked myself up off the floor. I looked at the black Dansko clogs (50% off!), with the cute Mary Jane-type strap, and realized that she will outgrow them before she ever wears them out. I pictured them on me. I felt better.

The Runaway Bride Thing–I’ve taken a passing interest in the Jennifer Wilbanks story this week. All week, the family said, “Oh, there’s no chance she would have run off! She was so happy!” And then I would look at those pictures of her, with that tense, though smiling, face and those eyes that looked like a deer in the headlights, and I would say to myself, “There’s more going on here.” I wasn’t at all surprised to hear she had run off. The newspeople this morning said, “Why do you suppose she ran?” Uh, excuse me. Don’t you remember telling us over and over that she’s A RUNNER?!?!!