How I Spent Earth Day

Yesterday we took #2 Son, the Little Princess and the dogs for a hike on Pleasant Mountain. Four years ago, it was the first mountain Pure Luck took me to hike, telling me it was “easy.” Now, easy for a recently returned AT thru-hiker and easy for a grad student who used the treadmill on the flat setting are of course two very different things. I was ready to quit after the first five minutes. (I made it to the top eventually.) But happily, working out faithfully on the elliptical for the past several months has done me some good, and I didn’t want to quit until we were at least 3/4’s of the way up the mountain. (And, yes, I made it to the top, albeit with vicious blisters on my heels.)

#2 Son whisked up the mountain as if it were nothing, a good thing since he is planning to do some AT hiking with Pure Luck later this spring. The Little Princess stuck with it, although she probably didn’t enjoy the whole thing quite as much as her brother. And the dogs, not surprisingly, had a great time. Molly rolled in dog nip several times along the way. Dog nip occurs naturally wherever some other creature has died or eliminated, and also in places where humans have spilled beer. Beer is probably her favorite.

All along the trail we enjoyed the songs of birds, the nattering of red squirrels, the chant of frogs and the melody of water pouring over rocks, both in the streambed and on the trail itself, as snow continues to melt. We returned home wet, muddy, tired and happy, thankful for creation and its beauties.