Ten Things to Do on a Beautiful Saturday

1. Rejoice! The sun is shining, the trees are budding, somewhere there are daffodils!

2. Throw open the windows. (Remember to open the storm windows if you want actual fresh air.)

3. Clean out bedroom closet. It’s been calling out for months (years?). If you clean out the old stuff, there will be room for the things cluttering up the bedroom.

3a. Clean the bedroom. Change the sheets. Throw open a few more windows. Toss out stumpy candles and get some new ones. Move the Little Princess, her Build-a-Bunny, her Harry Potter books and her assorted accoutrements back into her own room.

4. Go to the yarn store and buy something delicious, perhaps Royal Silk # 108?

5. Don’t forget the dogs. Enjoy walking them.

6. Don’t forget the boy. Wake him up and enjoy hearing his clarinet lesson.

7. Rejoice! The sermon is already written!!!

8. Anticipate the return of the husband. 🙂 Only 36 hours to go.

9. Take a nap. I’m sure it’s possible to squeeze one in somewhere.

10. If you must read, let it be poetry.