Children, Television


(We are watching a tape of last Wednesday’s new episode of “Lost.”)

#2 Son (seeing it for the first time): This isn’t such a great episode.

Mom (who already saw it): Just wait and see.

(The show ends and the previews for this week’s show begin.)

#2 Son: I hate this show! I hate it!

Mom (shocked): You hate it?

#2 Son (emphatically): I hate it!! It sucks!

Mom: What?!?!!

#2 Son: It sucks! This show sucks!

Mom: Well, I’m sorry I went to the trouble of taping it.

#2 Son: I hate it so much!!!

Mom: Hmmph.

(Tense silence.)

#2 Son: It’s like a drug! And they won’t give me enough!!

Mom: But this wasn’t such a great episode.

#2 Son: Be quiet.