Away Message

“O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”

I’ve run away. The children are nestled all snug with their dad. The dogs are tucked away in Paradise, otherwise known as Charlie’s Friends doggie daycare/kennel. The kitties are no doubt delighted to have the house to themselves and will be fed by #2 Son. And I am in upstate New York, not playing Scrabble.

My breathtaking husband has gone off to work for the night, but tomorrow he will have the night off and we will visit Lake Ontario and go to Syracuse for dinner and whatever else occurs to us. In the meantime, I am about as relaxed as I get, here on the 3rd floor of the 1880 House, making the most of the wireless Internet access. Downstairs there is soup, and up here there is TV and I am exceedingly peaceful. (We won’t speak about going out for a late lunch at Ponderosa, because we don’t want to spoil the mood with subpar food stories.) I also brought along my knitting, a pattern-stitched shawl that I am trying as a step-up to doing something with laceweight yarn. I almost typed “yearn,” which should tell us all how much I am looking forward to doing something fancy and, most likely, impractical. Mine is a variegated purple, and therefore much prettier than the grey one in the link.

I brought along several books, but the one I think I will actually read is Grace, by Mary Cartledgehayes. I read the first chapter yesterday while waiting for the Little Princess to appear from the depths of her school, and I love it already. Do any of you Methodists know her?

My two favorite TV shows are on tonight (Lost and The West Wing), so I am really all set.

Do I sound like someone who isn’t used to getting away?