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Come Saturday Morning

On Friday, we dwell beneath the cross, and on Sunday we will marvel at the empty tomb.

But come Saturday morning, there are preparations to be made. There is no Sabbath rest for altar guilds or for this pastor who is also a mother. There is a little girl who wants an Easter Basket, and especially a chocolate rabbit. And the same little girl will be sad if we don’t color eggs. So today, after I walk the dogs, I will make a visit to the candy store. And later, after checking in with our flower ladies and dropping off the Easter lily and the purple-blue hydrangea I chose, the Little Princess and I will pick up two young cousins and head for Aunt Wonderful’s house, where five cousins alltogether will dye eggs this afternoon.

Susan is an amazing person. She manages to live graciously on very little and to make it seem effortless. You’ll recall, perhaps, that she smoothed out both my worries and my house just ten days ago before a family party. In her house are many things that belonged to her dear mother, my beloved mother-in-law.

I remember well the Easter Eve when Nona, as we called her, colored eggs with #1 Son, then the only grandchild, who must have been about three. She allowed him to dye the eggs as he saw fit, which meant a lot of overdying and a dozen pinkish brown eggs. They were perfectly beautiful. To be around Nona’s things is always a treat for they bring up a sense of her gentility, her elegance and her love of delicate beauty, but also her respect for the individual creative drive.

In that house I will seek a Sabbath rest and hope to come home with what I need to finish my Easter sermon.

What will you do today?