Animals, Food and Drink

Coffee Paws

Early morning, it’s quiet.

The dogs are in the yard, chewing on sticks or each other.

The children are still asleep.

I sit down at the kitchen table with a big cup of coffee and turn on my laptop.

I can’t wait to see who has blogged overnight, because I am, how you say, obsessive?

I am at peace (despite the above).

And here comes Nicky, a long grey shadow of 13 years who has never been the same since dogs moved into his domain. He leaps past my shoulder onto the table, but he misses, and I reach out to catch him.

He doesn’t fall, but his paw comes down in my tall coffee mug.

Coffee goes everywhere as he springs across the table.

I suppose it’s good that half-and-half is one of my other obsessions and that the coffee is not terribly hot.