The More Things Change…

In my husband’s line of work, the goalposts are forever being shifted. Length of a job is always in question. People take one job, then get a chance for something in a better location or with a better bonus at the end. They simply don’t show up! That’s hard for me to grasp. But apparently people who do what he does, monitoring the safety in nuclear plants powered down for cleaning, is enough of a need that they can get away with it.

My goalposts get shifted a lot, too, but for other reasons. Usually they have to do with a phone call telling me someone is in the hospital. That’s when the best-laid plans of mice and Songbirds “gang aft agley.”

This weekend it’s the on-call chaplain whose spouse is ill, and short notice being what it is, and I being the on-call coordinator for volunteer Protestant chaplains, I’ll be filling in for him and won’t get to go on the youth retreat. The location is not only too far from the hospital, it’s also out of cellphone coverage territory. (Doesn’t that sound like a nice place to be?)

But meanwhile, I have several dear ladies in hospitals here who could use a visit, and this will give me a chance to be with them today.

Back on the nuclear front, it appears there will be a day off. (Yay!) I’m planning a three-day, two-night away mission. If only I could just “beam” there…