The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

1. Taking my “day off” off.
2. Being completely prepared for worship.
3. Going out to brunch with #1 Son before he goes back to college.
4. Time today to finish the prayer shawl I’ve been working on for too long.
5. Molly passed her Therapy Dog test!!!
6. Sam Dog is finally getting over his lameness from a muscle pull last week.
7. Today I get to spend time outside with the dogs!
8. The Council of Ministries told me to take some comp time after Easter.

The Bad

1. Still dizzy and have had trouble finding time to do the exercises I was given.
2. Still have to plan some worship activities for the youth group retreat that starts tomorrow.
3. #2 means I’m not actually taking my “day off” off, just mostly off. Anyone have a song to go with 1 Corinthians 12?
4. #2 also means I’m working on my other “day off.” (see comp time)

The Ugly

1. Something in my car smells just awful.
2. I haven’t done laundry for about three days, which means my bedroom floor is no longer a floor as things pile up on it.
3. I miss Pure Luck so much that I would actually give anything just to play Scrabble with him…
4. Not only does it turn out he’s likely to be gone six weeks instead of four, but he has also been told there’s a possibility there will be no days off on this job, which means there’s no point going to see him when I take my comp time. 7 12-hour night shifts a week means lots of overtime, but no, er, well, let’s just say no Scrabble time.