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We Got Game

It’s been a long wait, but tonight we are gaming. A little snowstorm isn’t going to stop us. J and J, the father and son who game with us, have no fear of the 11.5 inches of snow that have fallen thus far and are due to arrive soon.

And for once, I’ll be gaming without an incomplete sermon hanging over my head!

When last we met, my character, who is a priestess to the God of Healing in Pure Luck’s invented universe, had put her hand in something that made her weird. Clearly my memory is a bit vague. I hope he will set us straight before we get started or that J the father will have noted something in his PDA that will be helpful. J the son is the best friend of #2 Son, a wild-haired boy who plays the double bass in both the orchestra and the jazz band. I have known him since before he was born and remember him as a silent toddler with a halo of blond curls who wore LLBean boots year-round without socks. The curls are longer and darker; the silence has developed into a quiet wit. He feels almost as much ours as our own do. J the father is fun to have at the table, bringing a little more adult energy into the room. We used to sing in the church choir together, and he is a barbershop tenor who sings so high you think his head might explode! He is part of a quartet of guys in their fifties who call themselves The Grateful Dads.

The best thing about gaming is watching Pure Luck play the characters we meet along the way. He has a gift for both doing and writing unique voices.

Dessert tonight will be an assortment of Girl Scout Cookies: Animal Treasures, Peanut Butter Patties, Thin Mints and Caramel Delites. Snow outside, friends inside, cookies on the table–we’re happy. We’re happy.