As the Snow Flies

Today we had planned a family get-together to celebrate belatedly the birthday of #1 Son, who is home for “Spring” Break. Ha! What is this “Spring” of which you speak?

I’m looking out three windows, and the picture through each of them is the same: snow, snow and more snow. Our family party has suffered an inclement weather postponement.

I enjoy winter as much as the next person, but this is getting ridiculous. Also, I’m imagining my backyard and what it will be like after all this snow melts. At present the snow height in most of our backyard is already over two feet. If it gets much higher on the driveway side, the dogs will be able to walk over the fence. And we are expecting another 12-20″ from this storm. Let’s see. The melting of 3 or so feet of snow + two large long-haired dogs with very furry feet = ??? Yes, the answer is Mud House. I may as well give in to it, as there will be no way to avoid it. This is why we throw blankets over the upholstered furniture.

I can’t wait to see what my Weather Pixie looks like when winter is finally over.