Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind

Here’s what’s funny. #1 Son is on Spring Break. He is in Non-Contiguous New England State and has one more play rehearsal tomorrow, then will be coming home. Where he is, the snow fell horizontally today. In City By the Sea, the wind is whipping around our house so fiercely that I would not be surprised to wake up in Oz tomorrow morning. But perhaps that’s the effect of reading Wicked

My friends with little children, your day for reading novels will come again. The Little Princess has been home with a cough, and we have spent parts of the last two days curled up on either end of the sofa, reading. While I wept over The Lovely Bones and then moved on to the story of Elphaba, she enjoyed Because of Winn Dixie. As a little girl, I always had my nose in a book, long before I could read them to myself. My daughter was slower to find joy in it, but now that she does, it is thrilling for both of us. Laura Ingalls Wilder and Lucy Pevensie and Sara Crewe are now our mutual friends. Next on her list: Mary Lennox. I can hardly wait to talk to her about Colin and Dickon and the door long unused.

I find reading fiction, which I seldom did in my extended years of seminary, to be incredibly expansive. It is so easy to let the walls of my world draw in, shutting out everything but church and family. Even my friends have a hard time getting through because I am so intent on being pastor, wife and mom. A good book blows the walls right off like a tornado. Or a raging blizzard.

Blow, blow, thou winter wind, and bring us a snow day tomorrow! I need to finish my book!!