Elliptical Update

When we went out shopping for the Elliptical machine, Pure Luck went along mostly as the resident skeptic. He certainly wasn’t going to exercise on any sort of contraption when he has feet that work and woods through which to walk. But after spending that stressful evening “helping” me assemble it, he felt some ownership and decided to try it. Once.

Flash forward to this weekend. “Today I did 45 minutes at Level 8 resistance and burned 1000 calories.”

Right up to that moment I was feeling great about 22 minutes varying between levels 2 and 3, and a whopping 250 calories burned. (And, really, I hadn’t even looked at the calories all that closely; I was just trying to stay on the machine!)

My challenge, clearly, was to beat him somehow! Now, let’s just be clear that he wasn’t the one setting the challenge for me. He’s 6’4″ tall, and was already walking 3 or 4 miles 5 or 6 days a week, so he had a head start and knew it. He was just feeling good about his accomplishment. *I* was the one turning the whole thing into the 2005 Winter Olympics.

I had to get over myself. This is a theme in my life. And having recurring themes in my life is one of the reasons I’m convinced salvation is not about saying something once but about remaining faithful to a process.

Now, if I’m into this exercise thing because I was feeling fat and short of breath and tired and worried that I would become old sooner than necessary, all that really matters is that I am faithful to my own exercise program, right? Pure Luck suggested that I might be using feeling inadequate compared to him as an excuse to quit and said he hoped I wouldn’t do that. (He’s almost always just that reasonable, darn it.)

I am sticking with it. And today I felt celebratory. Just yesterday it was hard to stick with Level 3 for more than 4 minutes, but today I stayed at that level for 15 minutes. Woohoo! Being faithful to the process really does work.