Ten Things

In an originality flameout fed by watching the Little Princess snow tube all day, I give you ten things I have done, some of which I hope will mark me as unique if not entirely bizarre.

1. On my 8th birthday, attended a worship service at the White House and was embraced by President Richard Nixon, nearly costing him his life at the hands of my father. (Okay, the last part is an exaggeration. A bit.)

2. Was baptized by full immersion at age 13, despite the fact that my parents had me christened over at the Methodist church when I was a toddler.

3. Walked barefoot at the Taj Mahal.

4. Scampered about on the terrace where the Von Trapp children came up out of the water in The Sound of Music.

5. Had Hepatitis A when I was 10 and missed a month of school.

6. Skipped sixth grade.

7. Went to a party in high school at a Georgetown club, where I met Mick Fleetwood; had no idea what instrument he played. (*That’s* a painful admission.)

8. Right after college, worked at the old Scribner bookstore in New York City, where I waited on Veronica Hamel and met George Will, Van Johnson and Tony Roberts.

9. Gave birth twice without anesthesia. Boy, were those good drugs, though, the third time around…

10. Got married on top of Mount Chocorua.