Just One Wish

Okay, I’m not really a shallow person, and I don’t think I’m too lofty for everyday/menial tasks, but if I could have one wish it would be this:

A Self-Cleaning Bathroom

I wish I could say I find pleasure in wiping the baseboards and the toilet (but really, I share my bathroom with two guys, so you would know better anyway). I just couldn’t help thinking, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could close the door, set the dial to clean, and just walk away? All it would take is some sort of spray system and a drain in the floor. Doesn’t that sound feasible? And desirable? Sort of like a car wash.

Once I read that the Duchess of Windsor had servants who changed her sheets every morning, and then changed them again after she took her nap.

Time to get the sheets in the washer.