Ten Reasons I love a Snow Day

1. Children sleeping in upstairs, cozy and relaxed.
2. Plenty of time to listen to news about Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles (hate them! love Diana!). Less time to listen to husband saying I only hate Camilla because I loved Diana.
3. Time also to drool over fabulous knitting blogs and scheme next project–I want to knit this, even though I don’t know what some of the stitch abbreviations mean.
4. Time to finish up two unfinished tri-color scarves bound for Bernese Mountain Dog-related raffles. One just needs loose ends woven in, but the other needs many yards of knitting. You
5. Grilled cheese sandwiches, hot chocolate, popcorn–the essential food groups for a snow day.
6. Working on Sunday’s sermon in my pajamas.
7. Hanging out with the Little Princess; if we can get out to the video store before it snows too much, we may rent Hidalgo, because whether you are 9 or 43, Viggo Mortensen is a good-looking guy.
8. #2 Son gets a day off, poor stressed-out thing. He has been accepted into a wonderful instrumental group, the City By the Sea Youth Wind Ensemble. He has also won the leading role in the school play. The concert and the play are on the same night. Rock, meet hard place. He must quit one of these. Short term fun or long term opportunity? Imagine you are in 8th grade and then decide.
9. I’ll be home to hear from #1 Son, who IM’d last night to tell me that he sent his new cellphone (purchased not even a month ago) through the wash in the pocket of his sweatshirt. I didn’t even know he *had* a sweatshirt. But I did buy the $5 per month insurance on the cellphone.
10. When the snow has finished falling, my tall, strong husband will shovel it. I love that tall, strong man and his snow shovel.