Knit Without Ceasing

Less Blogging, More Knitting I

I have spent a lot of my morning in blog improvement mode, and now I am going to knit. It’s 11 degrees outside, almost a heat wave, and I have been listening to icicles falling off the sunny side of my house all morning. As soon as I finish this cup of coffee, I’m off to the sofa to start a new project. My two obsessions, Bernese Mountain Dogs and knitting, are about to come together (and I don’t mean by pulling yarn out of Sam’s mouth as I did when he was a puppy). For a dog club fundraiser, I’m going to knit a tri-color scarf out of some lovely classy merino and cashmere. It will be mostly black, with rust sections near the ends and white at the very tips of the scarf. Scroll down for pictures of the real thing.

I will likely do something similar with Fun Fur, too.

Yarn shopping made me think of the Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. She has been fundraising for Doctors Without Borders; to read more, visit her site and click on the picture in her sidebar. The mittens featured in her most recent entry are intended as a prize to be drawn at random from among the names of people who tell her they have donated. Check her archives for the week after the tsunami to read about what got her started. I thought I should give at least as much as the dog yarn cost (let’s hope it makes as much for the club, too, since a lot of its funding goes to rescue).

Let the knitting begin!