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Coming Out

Okay, here’s the truth. I am part of the United Church of Christ, and I believe Jesus would urge my church and others to accept all people, regardless of how acceptable they may be to society. The United Church of Christ is starting a national TV ad campaign today, to let people know that there are churches that actually welcome all the people.

And now for a commercial break: NBC and CBS have decided not to air the ads, because they are too controversial. NBC–let’s see now, isn’t that the network airing “Will and Grace,” a show that has become so profane that it embarasses me? (And I am no prude.) And CBS, a network overpopulated with shows about autopsies, fears offending people?

It’s an edgy ad. You can see it at StillSpeaking, part of the UCC’s website. There is a softer one, too, scheduled to run the week of Christmas.

Isn’t it about time that those of us who call ourselves progressive Christians should actually start sharing with the world just what that means? There has to be a middle way, in which we do more than silently occupy the moral high ground and yet don’t sink to the tactics of the right. I thought these ads were a great start.

And perhaps the good news is that the rejection by NBC and CBS is getting press in a way that the ad never would have by itself. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, eh?