Immoral Values?

Here’s the thing I hate most about the aftermath of the election: “moral values.”

Once upon a time the convervative folk espoused Family Values, and later it was Traditional Values. The former I ignored, and the latter I felt I could counter. My values are Christian and progressive; how does that sound?

But what is the counterpoint to “moral values?” Immoral ones?

I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t commit adultery, I put off my career in order to be available to my kids, I go to church every Sunday, I study the Bible, I take my spiritual life and my relationship with God *very* seriously–but because I think gay people deserve to have the same rights in a commited relationship that my husband and I do, because I believe that life is complicated and sometimes women need to make choices that are no one else’s business, because I understand Jesus to have been inclusive and forgiving and accepting of all our human wackiness, my values would not be measured as moral ones.

Thank God for my colleagues! Their presence has been so important the last two weeks. Thank God for children to get off to school, for dogs to be walked, for a Church Fair that had to happen no matter what. All these things were a hedge against despair.

Thank God for the mentor who put it this way. Our faith is all about conflict; it tells us that conflict, the cross, is the birthplace of transformation. Without it there is no resurrection.