Church Life


Yesterday we had a congregational meeting to discuss and, we hoped, vote on the proposed Vision Statement and its associated recommendations. Three weeks had gone by since I preached about it prior to a congregational forum in which we walked through the recommendations one by one. Copies of all the documents were available at church for the past few weeks; members of the Vision Commission were eager to talk about it after worship; in the October newsletter we offered to deliver it to anyone who didn’t have a copy. Although a few people may have picked up copies on Sunday, no one asked a question or made a comment; no one asked for a copy to be sent or delivered.

You can probably guess what happened next. “We didn’t have enough time to read it.” “We need more time to digest it.” In other words, “we don’t like change.”

The meeting got fairly heated, although I will say I was happy to hear dissenting opinions expressed in a congregational meeting rather than in the parking lot.

One of the complaints was that the changes suggested are too “dramatic.” These include renaming our committees “ministries.” Their areas of responsibility will remain essentially the same; the notion was to reinforce for all of us that we are engaged in mutual ministry. Frustrated by the use of “dramatic” as a derogatory term, #1 Son spoke up: “Aren’t dramatic changes what Jesus Christ is all about?”

Preach it, son.