Monday morning quarterback

It was a very unusual weekend for me. First of all, I took my last remaining vacation day, and I took it on Sunday, so it was a week not only without a sermon but without a worship service to plan. But my minister hat was not completely left behind, as we drove to New York State where I officiated at a wedding for a Bernese Mountain Dog friend. (That is to say, she is a friend because we got one of our dogs from her; I suppose a wedding for a friend who *is* a Bernese Mountain Dog would be even more unusual…)

It was a second wedding for both, held on the lawn of another Bernese breeder, overlooking a pond and its overhanging willow tree. Painted turtles sunned themselves on a log peeking out of the water, and the backdrop was a hillside of trees dressed in changing leaves. As we drove away later, it’s not surprising we talked about moving out of the city someday.

After the wedding, we drove on to Non-Contiguous New England State, where we saw #1 Son in his first play at college. He is very happy at school: likes his classes, seems to be doing his work, has friends, loved being in the play. It made it easy to say good-bye again, knowing that he is in the right place and finding his own unique place within it.

The play was directed by another student, and the crowd was almost entirely students, including a group from his dorm all sitting together. When he came out to take his bow, they shouted, “Son-ny!! Son-ny!! Son-ny!!” #1 Son seemed to be feeling a mixture of utter delight and complete embarassment.

But probably the best thing about the weekend was such a quantity of uninterrupted time with my husband. I’m not sure either of us realized when we got married two years ago just how demanding my job would be. He has spent the past six months writing a children’s book, and I find that while happy to finally be writing seriously after wishing to for years, he is also drained by the process. And I am often looking and feeling like the frayed end of a rope. Just getting in the car and driving together was fun. Passing through the Berkshires on Friday afternoon awoke his desire to get out and hike again this fall before it’s too late in the year. He’s planning a half-hike of the Appalachian Trail next year, starting in Pennsylvania and coming north. When he sees those mountains, he wants to be on them.

Me? Well, I love to look at them!

We came home and picked up the dogs and the younger children and while it was good to be back, it was wonderful to be away, too.