On the Verge

I’m on the verge of three weeks of vacation, the fourth week to be parcelled out later in August. When I look around the house, I see six million things that need doing, not to mention that we are in the middle of a kitchen renovation. But on this Saturday night, I’m listening to the Little Princess practice the piano, enjoying hearing stories of #2 Son’s week at camp and wondering how late #1 Son will be getting home tonight from his second summer job, washing dishes at a posh restaurant here in town, Fore Street. Tomorrow’s sermon, which is actually a dramatization of Luke 10:25-37, was completed yesterday, so I’m free to contemplate the lack of hot water being produced by our furnace and to doodle around with my blog.

But I’m mostly looking forward to taking the dogs out twice a day, something Pure Luck does most times, most days. That means going to the Dog Park, a place I absolutely love! You would think I had invented dogs, I am so enamored of almost every one I meet. Of course there are no two more adorable dogs than mine. I’d be no kind of dog mommy if I didn’t think that way. Molly is the friendliest, most exuberant and gentlest dog I have ever known. She has never met a stranger and yet when I take her to a nursing home, she knows how to go slow and with whom to do it. At the Dog Park, she Sam is so different; it’s all there in his name: Rosier’s Loyal Samwise Gamgee. He is protective and, yes, loyal. When we go to the Dog Park, he seldom leaves me alone. And if my daughter is there, he is glued to her. After all, it’s his job to protect the wimmenfolk! Honestly, sometimes I feel like Frodo. If I strike out for the far end of the Dog Park, he is the shadow on my left hip. I could do with a lo of that this summer.

I’ve got two books at the top of the pile to read in the next few weeks. One is Reading Lolita in Tehran, and the other is Anna Karenina. The latter is one of those books I’ve always meant to read, and this is the week coming up, I hope. I have a vision of myself spending the afternoons this coming week reading Tolstoy in a downtown coffee shop, while the Little Princess is attending an afternoon art program at Maine College of Art, on the subject of illustrating folk tales. Doesn’t that sound like a vacation?