Mighty Sam the Wonder Pup

It’s school vacation week for my children. Pure Luck is still away working in Connecticut, although due home probably this weekend. #2 Son has gone to New York City with his cousins for a few days of sightseeing, including the Bronx Zoo, the Empire State Building and the Museum of Natural History. The Little Princess has been staying with her dad while I work the first part of the week. That leaves only me and #1 Son in the house–and he is mostly to be found in the computer room, upstairs, or sleeping.

For the past three mornings, giant puppy Sam has added a new element to his morning rituals. His day always begins with liberation from the crate and a quick run and flying leap onto the couch, where snuggling takes place. Then when the need to do his business overwhelms the need to snuggle, he goes outside briefly. Breakfast soon follows, then a longer trip outside. The new wrinkle has occured when he comes in again after breakfast. Sam has started searching the house for the children. He goes into the living room, as if to lie on the rug and guard the front door (his big job), then quietly sneaks up the stairs and wanders from room to room, looking for the kids. Each morning I have followed him upstairs (a minute or so behind him–and today he was quieter than ever!) and found a very disconsolate puppy dog. And so I open #1 Son’s door, and Sam goes in and licks his face!! Happy again, he is ready to get on with his day, having found a lost family member. #1 Son continues sleeping. In fact, the first two days he didn’t even remember being licked!