Holy Days

Easter Monday

It’s not a holiday anymore, at least not in 49 of the 50 states, but I can remember celebrating Easter Monday. Maybe it was just the day we used to travel home again after visiting my grandmothers.

We don’t take the Easter season too seriously. We just think of ourselves as going back to normal. But we really need to remember that Easter was a process. The season represents the process the followers of Jesus experienced as they came to understand his resurrection. That had to take time! And not just for Thomas. We apprehend things one level at a time: intellectually, emotionally, materially, spiritually. The order is different for each of us.

We owe Easter that much, to work through what the resurrection means to us in each of the ways we understand our reality. And that takes time. So although it’s not a season in which we consider taking on a discipline, as we might during Lent, it seems to me a good idea this year to take some time with my perception of the resurrection, of the Easter experience.

More to come on this.