Better News

We’ve just been angsting through the final week of waiting for college acceptances to arrive, and now the news is complete and the decision made. #1 Son is going to Formerly Methodist Currently Hiptastic Universityin a non-contiguous New England state. Although he was wait-listed by his first choice (Ivy in the Big Apple, his dad’s alma mater), he is really pleased about FMCHU, and I believe it’s a better fit anyway. Here is what Princeton Review has to say about the school. Let’s just say I’m more enthused about the great theater department than the pot-smoking reputation. (Every year they have a “Zonker Harris Day.”)

Oddly, the son of a dear friend is also going to FMCHU. #1 Son and Mr. Know-It-All were friends as young children. We used to watch them walk around the backyard together, talking intently about whatever captured their imaginations at the time: Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In elementary school they both got involved in theatre and were in lots of plays together. In high school they haven’t seen much of each other, but now off they will go to college together.

What I liked about FMCHU–the campus felt livable, the town had good ethnic restaurants as well as a famous diner, and the atmosphere on campus is open, diverse and collaborative. My favorite story (Dear Friend heard this on the campus tour) had to be about the football field. She asked where the stands were? Oh, we just use portable bleachers, said the student tour guide. Any school with that little emphasis on football is okay by me.