Homicidal Maniacs

Homicidal Maniacs
At my house we have been watching Season 3 of Homicide: Life on the Street on DVD. #2 Son, in anticipation of what will likely be a snow day tomorrow, has been on a Season 1 binge this evening, since he only watched that DVD set sketchily. Why do we non-violent types–okay, why do I, a non-violent type; perhaps it is too much to speak for the boys–like this show so much?

I always say it is the acting, but as we watch the shows over again, uncut and in order, I realize how much the through-plotting means to the show. And it’s hard to say enough about the city of Baltimore, how much a character in the show it is, what sort of texture it adds to the stories.

We have two Season 3 episodes left to watch, Colors and Gas Man. Lucky for us Season 4 will be out soon!

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