Fast Horse

Lately I feel like I’m riding a really fast horse and hanging on to the horse’s mane for dear life! The challenges of juggling my three major roles in life are many, especially since I am a bit driven in the expectations I have of myself. This week I had to take a sick day (two kids home from school; what else could I do?), and just missing that one day has had a cascade effect on my week. Tonight, on my day off, I am tormenting myself about whether I ought to do some things for work. But really, it can all wait until tomorrow.

The last thing I want to do is be inadequate in my personal life. An old friend’s husband died suddenly and unexpectedly today, and I am keenly aware of how I treasure my own husband and my children. I won’t be sorry later if I spend more time with them!

Which of course leaves a question: How do I do that and get all my work done? I hope some of my journaling here will help with sermon formation and just general processing. This week in the lectionary it’s clear that taking time away from the busy-ness of life in order to listen for God (“wait upon the Lord”) is crucial. This is the message Professor Kirk Jones was pushing at seminary in his book “Rest in the Storm.” He reminded us that Jesus went to the back of the boat and took a nap! Silence and peace are crucial for recharging the batteries. I suppose that’s what I will preach about on Sunday, creating space and time for quiet reflection.

Wait! Didn’t I preach about that just recently? Ack! Better look those sermons over and see.