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Now I personally think a blog is a place to let some things go at the end of the day…or the beginning…or even the middle. But this time, obviously, we are at the end. It has been a long day and most of it taken up with driving to Tufts for Molly’s re-check appointment.


The good news is that the hip is healing well. It will take a few more weeks to heal completely, so her activity restrictions are only partially lifted. But now she is allowed out in the yard alone, hurray for Mollywood! She will be free to maul the round arborvitae to her heart’s content. The bad news is that her elbows may or may not be improved by her next surgery. It is the best option they have for her, but no one is promising it will give her relief. All we know is that without the surgery the elbows will get worse, but that with it, they might get better. So we have to take the chance…

I think I will sleep well tonight; I am totally tired. Yet still tapping the keys…

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